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REFERENCE-   Animal Rescues and the Picking up of Stray / Unwanted Animals

The picking up (impoundment) of stray animals (Animal Control) is a power given to Georgia municipalities and counties by the State Constitution (See Georgia State Constitution under Article IX, Paragraph III (a) (3)).

The power to pick up stray animals is given to counties and municipalities to protect the citizens from the dangers and nuisances that are associated with free roaming and diseased animals.  It also allows for citizens to have an opportunity to reclaim their animal if it is impounded by providing a single entity that holds such animals and is legally designated as such.

Rescue organizations that are licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture are not allowed to pick up Stray Animals.  They may only obtain animals that are relinquished by an owner or that are obtained from a licensed animal shelter.  Under the Animal Protection Act rule 40-13-13-.04 (1) (h)  Each animal they obtain must have record of the name, address, and phone number of the individual involved in the transaction, date of transaction or activity, type and number of animals. 

To clarify that licensed rescue organizations are not allowed to pick up stray animals the animal protection rules were amended in July 2013 to amend the definition of “Animal Shelter” 40-13-13-.01 which states “Only government agencies or organizations that are contracted with a government agency to perform animal control services have the authority to impound animals”.  It was also amended to include in the definition of Rescue group 40-13-13-.01 (30) which states “Rescue groups are not authorized to impound animals unless they are contracted by a government agency in Georgia to provide animal control services”.

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